Sunday, February 9, 2014

Get a Free FHA Inspection for Roofing in Salt Lake City from Experts

Are you sure your roof is in good condition? Have you ever requested an expert to look at it? Well, if you live within a 100-mile radius of Salt Lake City, Utah, Oakley Roofing will gladly offer you a FREE roof inspection through Federal Housing Administration (FHA) certified roof inspectors! If you live beyond 100 miles and would like to have an inspection too, we only require a travel fee, but everything else is covered.

Inspections are a very important aspect of roofing in Salt Lake City. After all, a roof that doesn’t have any leaks may have other problems like damaged trusses, broken gutters, or cracked roofing shingles. Roof inspections are also required by the FHA before a home can go for sale in the local real estate market. A house for sale should have a roof that will last at least two more years; otherwise, repairs or a full re-roofing has to be done.

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