Friday, February 28, 2014

Get Free FHA-certified Utah Roofing Inspection Services Worth $200!

As a responsible homeowner, you should know that roofing in Utah is best entrusted to a roofer who has earned a certification from the Federal Housing Administration or FHA. A roof inspection of this caliber will normally cost you about $200, but we from Oakley Roofing have a better offer! From February 15 to March 15, 2014, those who live within 100 miles of Salt Lake City can get an FHA roof inspection for free!

Be sure to call on roofing experts if you wish to keep your roof in top shape. After all, not all signs of roof damage are as obvious as cracked shingles or leaks in your attic. Granules in your gutters may also indicate that your roof is beginning to wear out. You might disregard these tiny particles as nothing more than common debris, but Utah roofing experts know better!

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Get a Free FHA Inspection for Roofing in Salt Lake City from Experts

Are you sure your roof is in good condition? Have you ever requested an expert to look at it? Well, if you live within a 100-mile radius of Salt Lake City, Utah, Oakley Roofing will gladly offer you a FREE roof inspection through Federal Housing Administration (FHA) certified roof inspectors! If you live beyond 100 miles and would like to have an inspection too, we only require a travel fee, but everything else is covered.

Inspections are a very important aspect of roofing in Salt Lake City. After all, a roof that doesn’t have any leaks may have other problems like damaged trusses, broken gutters, or cracked roofing shingles. Roof inspections are also required by the FHA before a home can go for sale in the local real estate market. A house for sale should have a roof that will last at least two more years; otherwise, repairs or a full re-roofing has to be done.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Spotting the Proper Utah Roofing Contractors for Your Roofing Job

There’s more to roof installation and maintenance than just hammering the materials and fixing a leak; there are more aspects to consider. Utah roofing may not exactly be a major concern, as residents in this state enjoy the diverse climate all year round. To enjoy the lifestyles these seasons can offer, however, it is best to have roofing contractors check your roofing system.

A WikiHow article shared some practical steps in choosing the right residential roofing contractors. These are the most common tips and tricks business experts in general offer to those planning to have a new roof installed or an existing roof fixed.